You'll suffer 'erectile dysfunction - Kumchacha curses men against his presidential ambition

 If you are a man and want to keep your erection functioning then you may have to desist from speaking against Prophet Kumchacha's presidential ambition.

Prophet Kumchacha

The founder and Leader of Heaven's Gate Ministries, real name Nicholas Osei, has formed a party and announced his ambition to run as President of Ghana. However, some Ghanaians have taken the seriousness of the Ghanaian man of God as a joke. 

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Reacting to his critics, the famous Ghanaian preacher has placed a curse on his naysayers, revealing that he's been informed that people say he cannot express himself in the English language.

But according to Kumchacha, just like the Korean president who is leading his country and interacts with other countries though he doesn’t speak English, he can also do the job. Speaking about his party, he said "KPP all the way, Kums People Party". 

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"We are about to kill the hardship and hunger in Ghana...have you seen the guards that protect me, it is more than the president's security," he added.

Warning his critics to desist from running down his campaign, he said "anyone who speaks against me will go down, you will be struck with leprosy, you will suffer erectile dysfunction. Your manhood will not function for over 20 years".

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Further defending his ambition, he said "someone called saying Kumchacha doesn't qualify for president. Anyone who says that is a big fool, you are senseless. I am a 50-year-old man. The Constitution states that anyone who is of sound mind, never been to prison can contest for the presidential seat. I have never been jailed...

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"Someone said Kumchacha can't speak English, let me tell you that the Korean president doesn't speak English, he goes to places with his interpreter. Even Liberian president, George Weah was a footballer but now a president...anything can happen so you can't say that Kumchacha doesn't qualify. Anyone who will speak against my presidential ambition is a fool, you will die before your time," he said on Hitz FM.

Source : PulseGh

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