under 30 minutes, a man breaks the world record By covering 16 kilometers in reverse (videos)

In just 29 minutes and 10 seconds, a 35-year-old man broke the world record for traveling 16 kilometers and 140 meters in reverse. 

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Chandramouli, an Indian from the Salem region of the Tamil Nadu state of India, accomplished the peculiar feat last week at an event at the Edappadi Bypass.

This success wasn't handed to me on a plate. The ambitious man, whose love of driving dates back to when he was just 10 years old, reportedly put in a lot of practice for the job, according to odditycentra.com. 

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He was determined to break the previous record held by Tesson Thomas, 22, of Pathanamthitta, Kerala, who had driven in reverse for 30 minutes and traveled 14.2 kilometers, according to the news website. 

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Chandramouli provided a rationale for why he chose to travel a significant portion of the route in reverse. He claimed he wished to educate young people about the need of taking their safety seriously.

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He acknowledged that while breaking the record, the 29 minutes and 10 seconds were excruciatingly painful for his neck.

He advised anyone considering trying to drive in reverse to use extreme caution to avoid putting their own and other drivers' lives in jeopardy. Reverse driving is reportedly a common activity in India. 

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Records reveal that in 1984, driving a considerable distance in reverse made headlines. James "Wilbur" Wright and Brian "Cub" Keene of the US drove a Chevrolet Blazer 14,534 kilometers (12,000 miles) backwards in 37 days, passing through 15 states in the United States and some provinces in Canada.

Due to the poor quality of the roads and the irresponsible driving that leads to traffic accidents, it is evidently not something to practice in Ghana.  

Source : Verrasendom|Viralnews Gh. 

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