Sekondi Central Prisons cries out for a toilet facility

To deal with the prison's toilet issue, management of the Sekondi Central Prisons is pleading with individuals and charitable organizations to donate funds for biogas digester toilet facilities.

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When Ghana Business Hub Logistics gave food, water, and drinks to convicts at the Sekondi Prison, Superintendent Ibrahim Yakubu, who oversees education at the Sekondi Central prisons, made the decision.

Although there are several restrooms in the jail yard, Superintendent Ibrahim noted that they are all in a poor condition. Nevertheless, he claimed that the number of prisoners in the yard is much in excess of the initial capacity of the Sekondi central jails, which is why it always fills up so quickly. 

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He made a plea to the public to help the Sekondi Prisons service by providing at least three biogas digester toilet facilities so they could address the sanitary issue they were facing.

He claims that while inmates at the Sekondi Central prisons receive some skills training in welding, carpentry, and other TVET courses in order to help shape their lives, the lack of machinery and equipment to facilitate these trainings, he claimed, is significantly reducing their effectiveness in reshaping the inmates.

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The officers at the Sekondi central prisons were thanked by the Chief Executive Officer for Ghana Business Hub Logistics, Mr. Paul Elom Danko, for allowing them to show their love to the convicts by sharing a meal with them. 

Source : Verrasendom|Viralnews Gh.

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