(PHOTOS) Expect these in our Educational Reform

 Some significant reforms have been started by the government through the Ministry of Education, Ghana Education Service, and National Council for Curriculum Assessment.

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The Education Strategic Plan (ESP 2018-2030), which was adopted by Cabinet in November 2018, calls for them to revolutionize teaching and learning and enhance educational results.

The adjustments are anticipated to advance the ESP and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 4) objectives and enhance learning outcomes, particularly at pre-tertiary levels.

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Making the educational system relevant to shifting national development priorities and new aims and ambitions is the major goal of implementing these significant reforms. 

Additionally, it's to make sure that the educational system evolves with the times and the circumstances, taking into account technological, industrial, creative, and knowledge economy advancements.

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These programs exist to offer precise performance standards that will direct student instruction, learning, assessment, and grading.

According to the changes, elementary school, junior high, and senior high shall be referred to as basic schools.

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JHS 1, 2, 3, and SHS 1 shall, among other things, be referred to as BS 7, 8, 9, and 10 accordingly.

All students in JHS 1-SHS 1 must complete a Common Core Programme (CCP), which consists of nine disciplines. 

A placement exam will take the place of the Basic Education Certificate Exam at JHS 3 to enroll students in SHS.

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Exams for university placement will also replace the West Africa Senior School Education in SHS 3. 

Photos of spelling out everything in the Reform : 

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Source : Viralnews Gh. 

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