Men in Ghana like the withdrawal approach during s*x but it normally fails them.


According to Mrs. Cecilia Ampadu, a former midwife, many married men in Ghana love the withdrawal strategy but ultimately fail. 

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Many men, both married and single, employ the withdrawal approach during sexual activity with their partners in an effort to avoid becoming pregnant in any way. The retired midwife claims that while this approach occasionally succeeds, most of the time it does not.

Mrs. Cecilia Ampadu asserts that males must fully shun the withdrawal approach if they wish to avoid unintended births because it does not always work safely. 

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Speaking on the Accra-based OKAY FM, Mrs. Cecilia Ampadu said that most married men use the withdrawal method to control childbearing, but that roughly 100% of them fail.

The withdrawal strategy may not work for you, she warned. The man may promise to defeat it because he is the game's champion, but he may disappoint you. 

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"Some enter the vagina when a man ejaculates, so before you'll realize it, it has already entered," she continued. The withdrawal strategy is popular with the males, but it won't work. The married males are the ones who choose this withdrawal technique.  

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Source : Viralnews Gh

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