"Chew and Pour"; Ghana will not be transformed - Education Minister


The need for a curriculum to develop critical thinkers who challenge the status quo in Ghanaian pupils has been hinted at by Education Minister Yaw Adutwum. 

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He claims to have visited various schools in Ghana and taught a variety of subjects, but no one is brave enough to inquire about what he has taught the pupils after he has spoken to them.

"I've been to countless schools and spoken to the students. Afterward, I ask if they have any questions for me, but no hands ever go up. In every classroom I have visited in Ghana, not a single hand has ever raised," he remarked.  

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We have the kids under control; now we only need them to record what we tell them in writing. They should write down what we have instructed them on the exam day, and at the conclusion of the day, we declare that you are the best student the nation has ever produced. Ghana will not be transformed by that kind of educational system. Since we are in the 21st century with Education 4.0, the fourth industrial revolution, you can't remember your way out of poverty but you can critically analyze and innovate your way out of poverty, that kind of education system is not going to produce critical thinkers. 

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In order to empower African children to respectfully challenge the status quo and ask questions, Ghanaian and African schools should start to consider what is known as an assertive curriculum, he said. This is in contrast to curricula that instruct African children to be quiet and keep quiet when adults are speaking.  

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Source : Verrasendom|Viralnews Gh. 

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