Abeiku Santana has ‘chopped’ Felicia Osei – Afia Schwar alleges (Video)

 Abeiku Santana, a talented radio host, has allegedly had a romantic involvement with Felicia Osei, a TikTok star, in the past, according to troublemaker Afia Schwar's self-made film. 

Afia Schwar, who is privy to all the juicy information about most of our celebs' private lives, claims that Felicia Osei's mother became quite upset when she learned that Abeiku Santana had slept with her.

Maa Linda was one of those who told the public that Pena isn't her biological daughter but rather her adoptive child, therefore Afia Schwar was forced to post this unverified information online.  

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She insulted Maa Linda for constantly assaulting innocent people when her own children are major sinners outside of social media after revealing the damaging information in the middle of her incendiary video.

The claims made against Abeiku Santana and Felicia Osei by Afia Schwar have not yet elicited a response from either of them. 

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Afia Schwar's charges have also been brushed off by several social media users who claim that she enjoys spreading lies about the people she despises.  

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Source: Verrasendom|Viralnews Gh. 

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