(Video) Brother Sammy defends Secular Music😳😳😳

A well-known Ghanaian musician who sings Gospel Songs, Brother Sammy has taken a step to air the truth behind Secular Music. 

Many Ghanaians tag Secular Musicians as evil and agents to the Devil, Satan but brother Sammy is in opposition on that issue and said he even really enjoy listening to Secular Music than paying attention to Gospel Songs. 

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He said that some secular music contain powerful messages and of that he doesn't see anything wrong or demonic when listening to such songs.

In an interview on the AMBASSADOR TV, he added that it's wrong for Ghanaians to tag those singing Secular Music as Agents of the Devil because some of their words are from the Bible. 

 “Ghanaians are too judgmental and they always want to crucify secular musicians because they think secular musicians are winning souls for the devil. Some people see Gospel musicians especially myself as Jesus Christ but we are not because we can never be God. Doing Gospel music doesn’t make one a Jesus Christ” he said.

“I won’t mind doing a collaboration with Stonebowy, Lasmid, Shatta Wale and other secular music to win souls for Christ” Brother Sammy stressed.

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“The problem I have with Christians is that when they realize you are doing something which is against the will of God, they will never come near you but if you fail to go to the person how can you win that person for Jesus Christ”, he quizzed.

Source : Viralnews Gh. 

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