E/R: Pra priest performs cleansing rites for sick JHS students cursed by classmate


A cleaning rite has been performed for Junior High School (JHS) 2 students of Akwasiho R/C basic school to protect them from a curse.

The majority of students in the class of 36 students have been living in fear in the last couple of weeks after a female classmate invoked curses on them.

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The female classmate was teased by a lot of her colleagues after she reportedly scored 2%, the lowest mark by any student in a class test.

Out of anger, she invoked curses on her classmates and left their fate to the gods.

According to the information gathered, some of the classmates in the past week started falling sick mysteriously.

Attributing the sickness to the curses, the chiefs and elders of the Akwasiho called on the parents of the students to take the needed action to perform the necessary rites to overturn the curse.

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The rites were performed at the Pra shrine on Wednesday, August 24, at Akwasiho after the parents of the student mobilised the items needed to perform the rites.

The rites were performed by the Pra Priest at Akwasiho with the items including fowl, sheep, schnapps, seven eggs and calabash.

The rites were performed in the presence of the cursed students, their parents, elders and some residents of Akwasiho.

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Pra priest, Gyaasehene of Akwasiho, Nana Odum Gyan Agyekum after performing the rites advised the students and residents of the community to stop invoking curses when they have issues with others.

Source : ModernGhana 


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