VIDEO: Physically challenged farmer reveals why he refused to beg for alms on the streets


It is common to see physically challenged persons in wheelchairs and others crawling on the busy streets of most cities begging for alms to survive.

This narrative has been changed by Mr. Solomon Tetteh who has gone into farming and doing well for himself and his immediate family

Forty-Two (42)  years old Mr. Solomon Tetteh who has been in a wheelchair for 38 years believes that disability is not inability hence his decision to work tirelessly to achieve and support his family.

In a viral video, Mr Solomon Tetteh is spotted wedding on his farm to create awareness for his colleague disabled persons and Ghanaians that indeed disability is not inability.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with AMBASSADOR TV hosted by Osei Kwadwo and monitored by he explained that “I was not cripple when my parents gave birth to me, I was strong and walking but at the age of 4 years I got a problem and due to that I couldn’t walk again”

According to Mr Solomon Tetteh, “At the age of 12, I started wedding for people for money because my poor parents couldn’t take care of me”

“I tried to do work that some disability or normal person will feel lazy to do because I wanted to work hard to support my parents and cater for myself” he explained.

“I can sit in a wheelchair and pound Fufu because when I was young I used to pound Fufu in my wheelchair for people and my sister. The pains I went through has strengthened me in life” he revealed. 

Commenting on colleague physically challenged persons who beg for alms to survive,  Mr Solomon Tetteh said “I will never condemn those who beg money to survive but I think is time people  stop discriminating against disabled persons”

“Some companies are not willing to employ persons with disabilities because they think we are not useful but the majority of us qualify to do some work that normal persons can do but because of our situation majority of qualified disabilities are unemployed”

Source : MynewsGh 

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