I asked God for revenge – Empress Gifty opens up on series of betrayals

 Gospel musician Empress Gifty has vowed to make no more friends after a bitter experience with some associates.

Her friends, who were once everything to her, backstabbed her to the extent her marriage was destroyed and she lost her inner peace.

Unbeknownst of their evil intentions towards her, she said she was briefing them on every detail of her life, and at times, offered them money and other valuables.

However, she got to know of their true colours when the woes in her life began unfolding.

“I am very scared of humans. I have had a lot of experiences so now I choose my friends because I don’t want anyone to be a burden to me. I took some people as family but it ended bitterly. Can you imagine you step out with someone you call a friend, and on your blind side, there is an issue with your outfit? Rather than telling me, she phoned my husband at home and complained that a married woman of my calibre stepped out looking bad.”

She told host Emelia Brobbey during the Okukuseku show that some of her close friends even told the secret she shared to others and they altogether mocked her.

To her, her colleagues in the gospel music industry are no better. Aside backstabbing, she said they take it upon themselves to ruin gigs she suffered to secure.

“I billed someone from Nigeria to Ghana for a show and after she had arrived, she had a call from another singer enquiring why of all the musicians she agreed to me. This is something that happened about a month ago,” she said.

Empress Gifty also pointed fingers at her spiritual family, disclosing how they used her situation for preaching in a manner that brought shame to her.

“I told my heartfelt issues to some people and when my marriage hit rock bottom, they used my issue as a theme of their preaching. They sold me out in the highest level,” she added.

At the time when she was facing constant betrayals, the Eye Woa crooner said she cried unto the Heavens and begged God for a revenge.

True to her prayer, she said God revealed the sources of her woes as the backstabbers began fighting each other.

She said “2012 in Canada, June 4, God answered my prayers. All my betrayers have had their fair share of my pain. Some people have started begging me. A blogger called me to confess he has been writing hate comments on all my posts per the orders of one of my close friends and her husband. He was paid to insult me but now he wants to seek my forgiveness.”

Based on her bitter experiences, she has reached the conclusion that secrets are better kept hidden and she would choose loneliness to being in the company of two-faced enemies.

Ironically, Empress Gifty is grateful for all her tribulations as they have made her a better and observant person.

Source : Adomonline 

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