Contrary to 11% expected reductions, fuel price goes down by only 0.9%

 After announcement that fuel price wiĺl be going down between 6% to 11% this week, State Majority-owned company GOIL has reduced Petrol by 0.9% at the pump.

Many other major fuel filling stations are expected to announce their own reductions but may not go beyond what GOIL has done.

GOIL reduced Petrol by 0.9% from Ghc11.41 to Ghc11.30 per litre while diesel was reduced by 2% from Ghc13.91 to Ghc13.63 per litre.

Earlier on, the NPA itself claimed prices were expected to fall significantly at the pump. However, with State company GOIL leading the charge with 0.9% reductions, fuel patrons will be sorely disappointed.

Diesel was expected go down by more than 11% per liter but only seen a 2% reduction. Whilst petrol and LPG was expected to fall by 4% per liter and 10% per kilogramme respectively, Petrol has only gone down less than 1%.

Chief Executive of Chamber of Petroleum Consumers, Duncan Amoah, said there is every indication that fuel prices will decline by some 5% between the two products – petrol and diesel.
He has has been proven wrong.

“We pick every indication that pump prices will decline or go down by some 5% between the two products – petrol and diesel.”

Source : Mynews Gh

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