Accra-Tema motorway users to pay tolls after completion of expansion works

 User of the Accra-Tema motorway can expect to start paying tolls again after the completion of expansion works on the road.

During the Mid-year budget review, the Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta, said the completed road will be tolled to recover the whole cost.

The toll will also be to “pay lenders and provide a return for equity investors.”

The collection of road tolls nationwide was stopped as part of a policy announcement in the 2022 budget.

Investment Fund-led PPP financing solution, where maximum funds are raised from the market,” the Minister explained.

Majority ownership of the project will remain with the GIIF on behalf of the government.

The Minister also noted that the draft Concession Agreement between GIIF and MoRH is currently under review by GIIF, MoRH, the Office of the Attorney-General and the Ministry of Finance.

When completed, the Concession Agreement is expected to be approved by the PPP Committee, Cabinet and Parliament.

The government is providing funding through GIIF to take equity in the Special Purpose Vehicle to be created by GIIF for the project.

Source : Citinewsroom 

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