Road has been cut off by the rains as Ghana Highway Authority gives new direction(VIDEO OF ROAD BEEN WASHOUT)

Public Announcement

The Ghana Highway Authority kindly wishes to bring to the notice of the general public that a washout of bridge approaches at Jukwa has rendered the Cape Coast - Twifo Praso road inaccessible. The road has been cut off by the rains at Jukwa.  

Motorists travelling between Cape Coast and Twifo Praso are therefore advised to use Cape Coast -Yamoransa(N1)- Assin Fosu-Twifo Praso (N81)road as the Authority mobilizes to solve the problem as soon as possible. 

Currently the Ghana Police Service and NADMO are on site together with GHA personnel to manage the situation. The washout is at a 22m span bridge at ch 20+000 at Jukwa. 

We apologize sincerely for any inconvenience caused. 

With the aid of the public announcement and the efforts of communities between Cape Coast and Jukwa, traffic has been diverted/reversed and there are no stranded motorists at the site currently.

Watch the video here 

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