My jealous husband removed my eye, cut off my fingers – Woman narrates

 The only offence she committed was being beautiful, triggering fear in her husband that he might lose her to another man. 

Maureen Atieno Omolo, a Kenyan woman, could not control her tears as she recounted to Afrimax TV, how her husband plucked off her eye, cut off her finger, and inflicted several machete wounds on her body.

The man’s intention was to kill her rather than watch her walk into another man’s arms.

She came from a family of four but lost both parents while she was nine. She became an orphan at that tender age and had the responsibility of fending for herself and her younger siblings.

Maureen was compelled to get married at the age of 15, to get someone to help take care of her and her siblings. Although she didn’t want to get married at that early age, she thought it was the only option available to her at the time.

Her husband would go to work every day, all in a bid to take care of the family. But there was a big challenge. He wouldn’t want any other man, not even his own friends, to talk to Maureen; he wanted to be the only person in her life.

She became a prisoner in her husband’s house as she had to live a solitary life because her husband feared another man might snatch her from him.

She tried to allay his fear, but the man was adamant, saying he had to be protective of her because he loved her. He would lock her up and leave for work, to avoid losing her to another man.

Although the husband’s jealousy was becoming unbearable, she decided to endure it, hoping that things might change in the future.

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