‘I am sorry’ – Judge sheds tears in court over killing of kasoa boy for money ritual

 The High Court Judge hearing the case involving the brutal murder of 10-year-old Ishmael Mensah Abdallah in Kasoa for money ritual could not hide her tears while reading the briefs of the case in court.

According to the Ghana News Agency, Justice Lydia Osei Marfo had difficulty reading the chilling accounts on Thursday of how two teenagers allegedly killed the deceased.

She became emotional while reading the brief facts of the case especially when she got to a section of the facts which indicated that when one of the accused persons struck Abdallah with a club in the head, the deceased asked for forgiveness if he had wronged them, the GNA reports.

She paused, lifted her spectacles, and used her handkerchief to wipe tears from her eyes before saying "I am sorry" to her audience, the news agency added.

The court will now conduct a jury trial for the two teenage suspects who are being prosecuted for the murder of the boy whose death shook the nation.

The latest position by the court was contrary to its earlier ruling that the case was going to be heard summarily.

The court had earlier held that it was going to try the young offenders summarily, but when sitting resumed today, it ruled that the trial would be done by jury.

The suspects are expected to be handed over to the juvenile court for sentencing if convicted of the crime.

The case has been adjourned to July 5, when the suspects are expected to appear in court.

The suspects, a school dropout (minor) and Felix Nyarko, a student, are facing charges of conspiracy to murder and murder.

They have been accused of killing Ishmael Mensah Abdallah on April 3, 2021, for ritual purposes.

They had allegedly lured the deceased, who was their very good friend, into an uncompleted building, hit him with a club and cement block until he died

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