Holy Spirit saved me after using bath soap to masturbate for years – MOG Music


MOG Music has said that friends impacted him badly in the past and that he no longer has individuals he deems friends. He has also recounted how he was exposed to masturbation, a habit he fought to avoid.

It all began when he moved from Junior High to Senior High School. He’d come home from school and ran across an old buddy.

“He taught me how to masturbate and why I didn’t need sex to feel good.” “Throughout secondary school, I masturbated,” MOG Music said on The Delay Show.

Even though he felt bad whenever he masturbated, not even becoming a born-again Christian made him stop.


The want to masturbate was almost overwhelming. He said that declarations of fasting and prayer, no matter how well observed, could not alter the narrative.

“The yearning became stronger once I surrendered my life to Christ.” It was a severe situation. I confessed in our campus prayer secretary, who announced 7 days of fasting and prayer, but it didn’t help.


“A preacher I trusted in likewise stated 21 days; it did not work either.” “I could take a week off, but when the want returns, it’s serious,” MOG Music said.

He had been masturbating for more than five years, and his father had once caught him in the act. His anxious father thrashed him, but that punishment, like the fasting and prayer sessions, had no effect on him.

As he expressed it, a heartfelt and genuine prayer spared him one day when he was ready to masturbate. “One day the urge arrived,” he says. It was potent. “As I walked into the bathroom to apply the soap, I felt a pang of sorrow.”

MOG Music said, “I prayed a heartfelt prayer and was delivered.”

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