He ordered them to put pepper in my vagina – 15-year-old sexually-molested girl breaks silence

 The teenage girl at the center of a recent sexual abuse case involving her stepfather has broken her silence on the matter.


The girl was molested and assaulted by some boys who allegedly were hired by her stepfather to beat her as a form of discipline for sleeping out of the house.

In audio provided by the Uncle of the victim – Pastor Enoch Adarkwa Robinson, which was made available to GhanaWeb, the girl said she was punished for sleeping out of the house at a friend’s place one evening.


On her way back from an errand, she said she was accosted by the boys who told her that her father had assigned them to have her beaten.

“I went to my friends at Zongo and then when I returned, my mother sent me to go for some rubber bags for her. On my return, I met the boys and they said my father sent them to come and beat me.

“So, I was brushing my teeth when one of them came and poured water on me and then they left to go and break sticks; my father was also standing there,” she said.

The little girl said her stepfather, whose name has only been given as Kofi, also joined the boys to beat her with sticks they had broken from trees nearby.


“When they started beating me, my father also went for sticks and joined them. My father had two sticks but when he was beating me with one of them, it broke so he went for the second one but before he would hit me again, I fled for the bushes close-by,” she added.

The 15-year-old continued that her escape was short-lived because one of the boys caught up with her and dragged her back to her house.


There, she said they forced raw pepper into her private part, on the instructions of her step-father.

“One of the boys chased after me, with another saying that had I followed them as they requested, none of this would have happened. It was then that one of them inserted his fingers in my private part. They then carried me home and then my father told one of them to go for pepper so they would put it in my vagina. After this, they poured water on me again and then they left,” she said.

Asked what her father said about all of these, she said he was unconcerned.

She added that during the moment she was being beaten, she actually threatened to have them taken on by the police but her father called off her bluff.

“When they were beating me, I threatened that I would go to the police station to report them and my father called my bluff and said I should go ahead, but I did not do it. Because of that, I went to sleep at a friend’s place that day,” she added.

The Ghana Police Service in the Eastern Region has since launched a manhunt for the step-father, the girl’s mother and the ‘area boys’ who allegedly molested the 15-year-old girl at Akyem Ofoase

The command is also urging residents to volunteer information that could help arrest the suspects.


The victim was said to have left the house on Friday, May 27, 2022, and failed to return home until Saturday morning, provoking the stepfather to organize some boys within the neighborhood to beat her up, only for them to end up torturing and sexually assaulting her in the process.

Captured on video intercepted by GhanaWeb, the visual begins with the victim brushing her teeth in the morning when the three boys holding canes accosted her and poured water over her. Next, they viciously splashed volumes of water on her, chanting, “Today, we’ll wash a vehicle” in the process.

With the victim now wailing uncontrollably, one of her assailants whom the victim consistently referred to as Paapa then began removing her upper wear, leaving her with only her brazier on.

Another boy then joins him as they hold her by the hands and legs and forcibly removed her ‘skin-tight’ trousers, leaving her stark naked in the process.

They then marched her into a nearby bush, beating and caning her naked body in the process. At a point, Paapa gropes her violently from behind before inserting his fingers into her private part.

A man, identified as her step-dad, now emerges in the video also with a cane with which he also mercilessly whips the victim.

The other boys, now join in the beating as they lead her back to the house.


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