Ewe Bride struggles in exchange of vows after being forced to use Twi by Church of Pentecost Dabala

 A young man has taken to social media to attack the Church of Pentecost for deliberately seeking to impose Twi-speaking on the people of Volta Region who are known to be Ewe speakers after a Ewe bride and groom struggled with vow exchanges.

Citizen Mat Johnson took to Facebook to lament after he witnessed a wedding in the Volta Region in which the Ewe bride struggled to exchange her vows she which was administered in Twi, a language she clearly couldn’t speak.

According to Mat Johnson, the development is an attempt to “colonize” the Volta Region with Twi by the Church of Pentecost.

The incident took place at the Church of Pentecost, Dabala branch in the Volta region.

Checks revealed the Church has made it a policy to use Twi or English in almost all its Church activities and correspondence, a situation that disadvantages other native language speakers

See his full post below:


I think the Church of Pentecost is on a dangerous “twi language” colonisation mission in the Volta region. Currently attending a wedding ceremony at the Church of  Pentecost in Dabala, Volta Region between two purely native Ewe speakers and in a typical Ewe community. Surprisingly, the officiating Pastor has compelled the bride and bridegroom to take their marriage vows in twi language. Even when the bride was obviously struggling to speak the twi, the pastor did not burge as he forced the twi language on her at all cost. The funny thing is that, majority of the well wishers in attendance looked on helplessly as they could not understand the twi language of the colonisation agent called a Pastor. Sadly this appears like a grand agenda of the Church  of Pentecost to force twi language on non Akans in Ghana even if that means forcing wedding couples to take a marriage  vow in a language they do not understand.

Source: Mynewsgh

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