#AVMB Screenshots: Sex orgies, extortion inside campus-based DECAM Church led by Vinny Max Bani exposed


The last 48 hours has seen social media awash with negative testimonies from members of the Divinity Empire Campus Ministry (DECAM) also known as the Christ Symbolic Union CSU in which the founder, one Apostle Vinny Max Bani also known as AVMB was allegedly bonking the church members for several years running.

The self-styled Apostle is alleged to have been involved in countless sexual misconduct among other offenses, including organizing sexual orgies with Church members since at least 2008 when the Church started at Madina, St Andrews Primary School premises.

Several members of the Church, mostly ladies have since come out to detail what happened between them and the now exposed man of God who has gone into hiding taking down all social media handles, pages and website of the Church.

Max Vinny founded the DECAM wing as a campus-based denominational church from his CSU which were all scams he used to extort money from members.

A member revealed, that they were given campus targets of raising Ghc500 cedis each from their class members almost every month to be used to celebrate their “Emperor” AVMB. Some members had to give out their own money in order to meet the targets of the church now characterized as a cult.

While it is unclear the criminal aspect of the sex since it was mostly consensual, new information is emerging revealing the said Vinny Max Bani had sexual relationships with ladies as young as 14, 15 and 16 from the various secondary schools he ministered from where he shepherded them to the University and other tertiary institutions to continue what they started.

Former executives of DECAM confirmed some of the allegations, revealing in specific terms for example, that “Apostle” Vinny Max Bani took advantage of his office and slept with almost all female members of the church in exchange for favours or church recognition.

“Many of the girls were asked to delete their chats with him and sworn to secrecy with threats of prophetic or supernatural punishment befalling them should they expose these things, so the evil thrived,” the statement confirmed.

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