You can’t woo all ladies with money – Lydia Forson


Actress Lydia Forson has advised men not to think they can win the hearts of all women with money.

The actress says she appreciates Financial stability in a relationship but it’s not for her to depend on the man for a living.

Lydia Forson notes that especially older men have the penchant for not understanding why young ladies reject them but indicated that it is certainly always not about the money.

The award-winning actress who made this position known in a tweet said she will spend willingly money of any man who shoves it in her face but will not fall for the said man if money is all he has to offer.

“Too many men believe that they can get just about any woman with money; and while that may apply to some, it’s not every woman. It’s why they can’t handle rejection, especially older men whose entire worth is tied to their money. Like how dare you say no to me? Lol

While I appreciate financially stability in a relationship, it’s not for me to depend on you, it’s to ensure we can both enjoy the things we like with financial constraints. But without you, I will still chop Santoku. Lol

See eh, if you come waving cash at me with that assumption; m3 di wo sika rough.. By the time I’m done, hug po you no go get”.

The actress advised women to make their own money, however, small in order not to be controlled by any man with his money because they will end up meting worst treatment to her.

“This is why I always encourage women especially, to work hard and make their own bread, however small. Because if he thinks he can use only money to get you, he will use money to keep you. You have to now settle for him treating you anyway because you’re dependent on him.

source: mynews gh

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