Pray less and work more else you’ll call your mother a witch – Akrobeto advises youth

Actor Kwasi Boadi Akrobeto has advised the youth to work more and pray less.

Ghanaians have a penchant for using their whole time for prayers whiles they are not working.

Such people pray their whole lives waiting on God to perform a miracle in their lives.

But Kwasi Boadi Akrobeto believes that there is more to life than just praying.

To him, there is the need to invest more time in working and less time in prayers because God doesn’t bless idle hands.

 He indicated that he has never seen a rich man/woman whose mother has been tagged as a witch but only poor people tag their mothers as witches.

“Pray for shorter periods and work more. There is no rich man or woman whose mother is a witch. It’s only mothers of poor people. If you work hard, you’ll not say your mother is a witch. So all I’m telling you today is that pray but don’t waste all the time praying. Rather invest more time into working so that you can make money to help others,” he said

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