Kumawood actor celebrates his birthday at a cemetery

 Kumawood actor, Samuel Nkrumah, known widely as Remes Kay, has explained why he chose to celebrate his birthday at a cemetery.

In an exclusive interview with GhPage, the actor disclosed that he did that because he wanted Ghanaians to know that a birthday means one is closer to their death than they think.

To him, it was a gesture to let people understand how short life is.

During the birthday ceremony, the actor’s girlfriend collapsed while he was about to propose to her.

This happened after Remes Kay came out of a coffin to propose to her.

“I didn't want to talk about this incident but then I want people out there to pray for me and support me.

“When the birthday was ongoing, I removed a ring to propose to my girlfriend but when I knelt and asked her to be my wife, at once she closed her eyes and put her hand on her heart. I was waiting for her to say 'yes or no' but when she placed her hand on her chest, the next I saw was that she had collapsed.”

To revive her, the actor indicated that those present at his ceremony helped his girlfriend into an ambulance that took her to the hospital.

“When that happened, everything got messy and with the help of some of the guys present, they carried her away into the ambulance that brought me in a coffin and then they rushed her to the hospital.

“Till now, my girlfriend is still in the hospital and we are looking forward to seeing things go on smoothly.”

Source: Pulse.com.gh

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